Smoking and Pet Policy | Firekeeper Hotel Casino, Battle Creek

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Get updated information about the Firekeeper Hotel Casino smoking and pet policy. The casino, an Indian own has a strict rules and regulations on smoking and pet.

Firekeeper Hotel Casino Smoke Free?


This does not imply smoking could be made anywhere. Because gambling and smoking goes together, smoking is allowed in gaming area of Firekeeper Casino property and so also in the bars area.

Smoking is not allowed in any of the hotel rooms, restaurants, meeting and convection area, spa and gym.

There are smoking designated area around the property. Ask any of the staffs for one.

Even smoking is not allowed at some of the gaming area. Smoke Free slot area and poker room for example.

Penalty for Offender

You may be fined a ” Deep Cleaning Fee” worth hundreds of dollar if caught smoking in a non smoking designated area, especially in a hotel room.

firekeeper smoking policy and pet friendly

Pet Policy

Firekeeper Hotel Casino is not pet friendly at all. Don’t go there with you dog or cat.