10 Signs To Know When Someone Is A Problem Gambler

Gambling may not be a crime, to some people it is fun and a sort of entertainment but when you or somebody you know and may be someone you love so dearly is having problem controlling his/her gambling habit, that is a problem gambler and it is not good. You as a gambler or somebody near you may be having problem gambling and may not know. Below are some signs you are expected to see in a person before he/she could be said to be a problem gambler.

Somebody who is lying to family and others about the extent of his gambling and defensive when asked.

A problem gambler would be restless and irritable when he/she is not gambling.problem gambler

Engage in criminal activities in order to finance gambling.

When in a situation whereby he is loosing his relationship, job and having difficulties of career and education because of gambling.

A problem gambler would be trying to forsake gambling or cut back gambling expenses without success

When a person is gambling to escape problem, example marital problem.

A person who is relying on other to bail him out of his bad financial situation cause by gambling is a problem gambler.

When somebody is betting more to loose more or making losses with gambling.

Always increasing bet amount when gambling so as to achieve the desired excitement.

A problem gambler would be preoccupied with gambling, relieving on past experience and always looking for a way to finance gamble.

If you can detect any of these sign in you or that person near you then you or that person is a problem gambler.