Australia Capital Territory -ACT- Gambling, Online and Land Base Casino

Casino is a form of legal business and gambling in ACT but It is not the only legal form gambling there are many others such as lotteries, pokies, sport bookmarking, racing bookmaking, and raffles. All legal gambling in Australia Capital Territory are control by just one government organization.

Gambling Authority in ACT
Australia Capital Territory Racing and Gambling Commission (ACTRGC) is the only government organization that license and control all form of gambling and gaming activities in the province.

Land Base Casino
There is just only one legally operational casino in ACT and it is Casino Canberra.australia capital territory flag
There are many gaming machine locations where the ACT resident can play machine games.

Online Casino and Gambling
Online casino games and gambling is not legal in ACT. The territory interactive gambling law supports the operation but because the commonwealth law opposes it override the law of the territory, so as a resident of the province you may not be able to play online blackjack, online poker, online roulette, online bingo and other online casino games.
Online wagering and bookmarking are the form of online gambling that is allowed In ACT. You can make online betting and wagering on horse racing, car racing, football and other sport betting.

Other Form of Gambling
Lotteries, Pokies, racing bookmarking, sport bookmarking are other form of available games in Australia Capital Territory.