Austria: Gambling, Casino and Gaming

Austria gambling, casino and gaming authority, gambling sector. Also on this page are information about the categories of approved gambling in Austria, gambling age, bodies and association that are related to gambling activities in Austria.


Austria Gaming Authority and Bodies
Federal Ministry of Finance – Bundesministerium fur Finanzien – BMF: the major body in Austria that is shoulder with the responsibility of licensing and regulating of gambling industries.
Austrian Bookmaker Association:  was formed to represent the interest of all the stakeholder in the sport betting sector of the Austria gambling

Austria Gaming Age: the law allow a person who has attained the age of 18 years and above to participate in gaming activities.Austria flag gambling

Austria Gambling Sector:
Lotteries: lotto, toto, electronic lotteries, number lotteries
Casino: table games, slot games, poker
Sport betting: dog racing, horse racing, football betting

Gambling in Austria is strictly regulated, therefore few bodies and organizations are allowed to participate in the activities. The few organizations are:

Osterreichische Lotterien GmBH: is the monopoly holder of lotteries license in Austria. The license was awarded them in 2011 following the strict consideration of the four applicants as at the time. The three other applicants were failed in meeting the standard of the BMF. The license was effective from 1st of October 2011 cover fifteen years.
The license covers the following games: lotto, toto, bonus games, instant lotteries, class lotteries, electronic lotteries, number lotteries, bingo and keno.

Casino Austria AG: is the sole operator of casino in Austria. The company own and operate twelve casinos in some major cities of the country. It’s casino operation monopoly would have been broken if not the Austria Administrative Court (Bundesverwaltungsgerichthof) that nullified the decision of the BMF in 2015 to grant casino operation license to Novomatic and a Swiss German consortium (Baden AG and Gauselmann) on the ground that the process in awarding the concession was not transparent.

Casino Austria AG license cover table games, slot games, poker and cruise casino. Here are the list of casinos in Austria.

Cardroom Casino: Apart from the twelve major casinos that are operated by the Casino Austria AG there are scores of cardroom casinos scattered over the major cities in Austria. These cardrooms offer just only casino card related games.

Few of the known names in the cardroom casino business are Concord Cardroom Casino (CCC) and Royal Cardroom Casino

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