What is betting?basketball player

Betting is the word which is use to describe a situation whereby a prediction is made about an event and a wager place on it. Therefore in a lay man language it could be said that when someone is willing to offer something for predicting an event either rightfully or wrongly then that is betting. Betting includes loosing or winning a wager.
Prediction of an event could be anything, rain will fall or will not, my team will beat yours or will not, you can finish eating a bowl of rice or you cannot. Wager could be anything starting from raw money to once properties like cars, building, ornament and on and on. It is in history that in some tradition in Africa, people had bet with their wife.
To say the fact, nobody can say precisely when betting started but we could point to some fact to prove that it has been with the race of men for long.

Betting as it is in the Bible

Bible the most revered encyclopedia that has ever being record a type of betting some thousands years B.C and that is in the book of Judges 14:12-13, then Samson said to them “Let me tell you a riddle, if you are able to tell me the meaning within seven days of the feast ,then I will give you thirty linen wraps and thirty changes of clothes. But if you are unable to tell me, then you shall give me thirty linen wraps and thirty changes of clothes.” And they said to him “Tell us your riddle, so that we may hear”.

In simple term this was a bet.

Betting in the Old Roman Empire

Betting in the old Roman empire was common whenever there were gladiators fight and chariot racing. The event which pulled a huge crowd to the amphitheater witness spectators put betting on who between two fighters that would win and who that would loose. So also was the case during the chariot racing.

Betting and Gambling  

These two words are similar but they are different in usage. While betting include putting a wager on something been predicted, it may not necessary need to put a wager while gambling. While betting always include two objects -people- it may not be so with gambling. And it is a must that in betting someone may loose something while another person win something. Betting is a form of gambling but gambling is not a from of betting

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