Belgium: Sport, Football, Pari-mutuel Bets and Fact

Belgium betting regulator, betting age, places to place betting in Belgium.

Belgium betting activities is not monopolize. As non monopolize as it is, it is strictly regulated and monitor to ensure fair play and integrity. There are many companies that are engage in one form of betting or the other, thus many bookmaker shops scattered all over the towns and cities in Belgium.

At the last count there are up to thirty (30) legal bookmakers in Belgium operating almost six hundred and twenty (620) betting offices. Among these are the about eighteen (18) bookmakers who accept betting online and in shops.Belgium_map, Belgium horse racing

Talking about the province that has the largest concentration of betting office, it is Harnaut. it have them in hundred, while it is closely follow by Brussels, Belgium state capital. The provinces of Vlaama Brabant and Luxembourg have the least number of betting offices, each can only boost of twelve (12) betting offices.

Betting Age in Belgium
Eighteen (18) years is the legal betting age in Belgium

Places to Place Betting
In Belgium betting can be made online, betting shop, news agent and on the horse race track premises.

Betting Regulator
Belgium Gaming Commission regulates betting in Belgium, even spread betting.

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