Bet9ja | Today Match Odds and Fixture Codes

Log on to bet9ja website using your account. On doing so you will be led on to the one of  Nigeria betting sites homepage. Bet9ja website homepage is divided into three column: right sidebar, left sidebar and the middle column or content column.

When you log on to the website, the middle column automatically display the matches or games bet9ja are taken bet on that day, next day or the day after, but the dates are there for you to see.

If you want to place a bet on a particular match or games apart from those display at the middle of the website, then look at the left column you will see a lot of options like today match, soccer, international friendly, tennis, basketball and so on.

Let say you click soccer -of course people place betting on soccer more than any other game events- another option like today’s match, international friendly, England, Spain, Italy  etc will be displayed under the soccer at the left column while on going soccer matches on that day from anywhere in the world will be displayed in the middle of the site.

Clicking on England will show you whether you want premier-league, championship, league 1 and so on. Clicking premier-league will display in the middle of the website the premier-league games they are taken bet on that day sometime, there may not be match for the day, but it will display and the date when the soccer match will be played will be indicated. All these matches are what the bookmakers are call FIXTURES

Bet9ja Fixture Codes

Games or matches that will be played on a particular day are known as fixtures. Beneath each fixtures, let say Arsenal vs Chelsea are three or four digit numbers. The numbers are fixtures code, they are there simply to identified each fixture.

Bet9ja Match Odds

At the front in the boxes are some decimal numbers, the numbers are what is called the match odds. It simply give you an insight into how you are going to be paid if you win a bet.

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