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Qbet     Match                          1     X     2      1X    12     X2  OV  UN GG       NG  Others
5001  Club Tijuana – Leon 1.95 3.65 3.80 1.30 1.30 1.85 1.65 1.95 1.65 2.15 262
2171  Santa Gema FC – Plaza Amador 3.30 3.20 2.30 1.60 1.35 1.35 2.40 1.50 2.00 1.70 145
2553  Coras Tepic – Lobos B.u.a.p. 1.90 3.45 4.20 1.25 1.30 1.85 2.20 1.55 1.95 1.75 249betcolony logo

Fixture Codes: Betcolony does not named the sporting events it is taken bet on as fixture but simply sport and it does not code it. So, if you are on their website looking for today fixture and code you may be wrong.

What we are saying here is that their fixtures are sports. Simply visit their website, click on the sport at the far left and all the sporting events they are willing to take bet on that day will appear at the far left of the website. Click on say football/soccer and all the country where soccer event is taken place will appear. Go on to click, say England and all the level of the local leagues will appear. It is then you know click on let say premiership that all the matches for that day will appear at the center of the website.

Normally at the center of the website are what they call upcoming events, those are ongoing matches and all the matches they will be playing some 2 or 3 hours away. The matches for the premiership that you clicked will appear on top of it.

Match Codes and Odds: the matches that appeared at the center of the website like what you see at the top of this page and will display the following

  1. the time of each matches
  2. the Qbet which is each match code: 4 digits numbers
  3. the match to be played
  4. then some (10 in numbers) 3 digits decimal numbers: these are really the match odds. they are there to give a bettor an insight into the amount of money he will winning by placing a bet on any of the match outcomes.

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