Betika | Today’s Games ID, Match Odds

Many online betting sites call the games which they will be taken bet on a given day fixtures, But with Betika they are label as ”Today’s Highlight”. So if you are on Betika site looking for today’s fixtures just like any other sport betting sites you may be dissappointed not to get that.betika

With Betika. today’s highlight are games which they will be taken bet on a given day. They are display at the center of the website. By default, soccer games are display but you can choose to change that by locating -at the far left of the site- Top Football and under it are tournaments you wish to make a bet on for example European league, Premier League and so on. By clicking any of the links, matches that will be played will be displayed at the center of the site. Under the Top Football are other sports which you can place a bet on.

Fixture Game Codes/ Game ID
Each game or matches that will be played on a given day are distinguished one from another by 4 digits number called Game ID. With other bookmakers they are call Fixture Codes. They are there to make tracing each game a player placed a bet on easy. Those 4 digits number cannot be the same for two games or matches and sometime the number use to be 3 digits.

Match Odds
In the picture above, at the front of each of the two team that will be playing a match are 3 digit, 2 decimal place numbers -they are the match odds. They are there to tell you or give you an ideal of how much money you are going to win if team 1 win or if team 2 win or if they play a draw. This codes make us know which bookmaker pay most for a particular game.

Having known all these you can visit Betika official website to finish your task.

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