Connecticut: Sport Betting, Online Wagering

Connecticut sport betting, football betting horse racing, online betting and greyhound racing wagering, pari-mutuel betting and off-track betting. Connecticut betting age, types of betting and betting authority.

1976 herald the beginning of betting in Connecticut and it begins with off-tack betting on greyhound. Till today betting activities are on going in the state but not all betting are legal.

Connecticut Football and Sport betting
Connecticut as a state does not support betting on football or any other sport. There is no sportbook that accept wager on sport or any other event in the state of Connecticut.

Off-track Betting and Pari-mutuel
Off track betting and pari-mutuel are the only form of legal betting in Connecticut andConnecticut map, Connecticut racing you can only do that at designated simulcast center located within the state. Before, it used to be at the greyhound racetrack within the state but all have stop functioning. No horse race track had been built in the state though the game is legal.

Connecticut Betting Operator and Regulator
From 1993 Autotote Enterprises Limited control off-track betting in the state of Connecticut until July, 2010 when Sportech PLC bought over the company. Until the time this article was been written – August 2015 – Sportech PLC is the sole license holder off-track betting in the state. They own and operate and have scores of simulcast facilities located at the strategic locations in the state at which bettor can watch live racing and place wager as the races are on going from any part of United State.
Sportech PLC and all betting activities are regulated by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Gaming Division.

Connecticut Betting Age
Betting age in Connecticut is 18 years and above.

Online Betting
The state does not support or legalize internet or online betting of any form. It is totally illegal. But some people believe that as a resident of Connecticut you can wager online because there is no establish law to prosecute someone that do so.

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