Halit Karabasoglu | The Man Behind Safaribet

Safaribet is in Ghana -started in the country- it is in Kenya, hoping to open shops in Tanzania and other African countries.

The man behind the sporadic expansion of this sport betting site within the last six years of the establishment is Halit Karabasoglu.

Halit Karabasoglu an astute Turkey businessman is the founder and CEO of Africa Gaming and Entertainment Limited the owner of Safaribet, one of the Africa fastest growing sport betting company which has it headquarters in Ghana.

Halit a native of Kilis, a province that bordered Turkey and Syria started Safaribet in Ghana in 2012 the same year he settle in the country having seeing the opportunity from the love the country has for football especially the European leagues.

Having registered Africa Gaming and entertainment Limited and Safaribet as it’s operating name, he was granted license and so he becomes the first person ever in Ghana to be licensed to run an online sport betting business.

Safaribet started on Oxford Street in Osu with one gaming center and at the official launched in 2013 it has grown to five betting shops and was able to create 250 permanent jobs for Ghanaian.

Mr Halit has interest in other businesses which include but not limited to properties development. He is married and has children. He is presently shuttle between Turkey his native country and Ghana his adopted country.

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