Nairabet Handicap Betting Simply Explained

Handicap Betting is a bookmaker invention in which a weaker team or side is given a ”head start” or an advantage over a favourite team.

Note: handicap betting is also what is called Line Betting, Point Betting or,Asian Betting and as it is applies in football so also it is in other sports say tennis, basket ball and others.handicap betting

Let us start by saying Barcelona is playing Osasuna. In this match Osasuna is underdog while Barcelona is a favourite to win. Bookmaker will give Osasuna handicap advantage say O-2.

If as a bettor you place handicap bet on Barcelona to win the match and they won by 1-0, then you lose the bet. By handicap interpretation it mean Barcelona lose by 1-2. But if you place handicap bet on Osasuna to win and they lost by 0-1 you won because that would mean Bacelonia 1-2 Osasuna.

From the above example it is known that this kind of betting only applies to the selection you are betting on.

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