Safaribet | Today’s Fixture Codes and Match Odds

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08.13 00:00 ID:84 The Strongest – Guabira Montero+54 1X2 1.10 5.50 12.75

08.13 00:30 ID:715 Brantford Galaxy SC – Toronto Atomic FC +42 1X2 3.25 3.50 1.75

08.13 01:00 ID:1113 Club Cortulua – Alianza Petrolera +60 1X2 2.25 3.10 3.05

08.13 01:10 ID:769 CA Belgrano – CA Huracan +41 1X2 2.30 2.70 2.90

08.13 02:00 ID:1809 Club Tijuana – Leon +45 1X2 1.75 3.40 3.65

Everyday, Safaribet display codes for every sport fixtures they will be taken wager on. On their official website you cannot see fixtures but sport betting. Click on it then all the sport events for that day will be displayed, with the number of matches display in front of each sport.

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Click on say soccer all the matches for a particular day on which Safaribet will take wager will show. On mobile the date and code is on top of each match while odds are underneath. Match code is 3 or 4 digit numbers preceded by letter ID. They are helping in making each match a bettor place wager on trace-able. On desktop, the code is on left side of each match.

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Match Odds: are 3 X 3 digits decimal number that are displayed under each matches (mobile) on right side on desktop. Some bookmaker display the numbers as fraction. They are their to give you a bettor an insight into the amount of money you will get if bet on any of the three possible outcome of the match.

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