Sportpesa | Today’s Fixture Codes and Match Odds

13-08-16  14:30  3255  Hull City 4.16 3.36 Leicester1.92 +12
13-08-16  17:00  5572  Burnley 2.41 3.10 Swansea3.10 +12
13-08-16  17:00  5473  Everton 3.08 3.24 Tottenham2.34 +12
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Today matches are always displayed in the middle of the home page of the Sportpesa. They are the matches which are being play today and which Sportpesa is taking wager on. When you look at it well it is a mixture of matches from many countries.

Fixtures are all the sporting events or games (soccer, rugby, handball…etc) that Sportpesa is taking bet on. Sportpesa don’t call them fixtures but matches, is on the left side of the website under today’s matches by countries. Click on any of it, scores of matches under each game will be displayed at the middle of website.

Matches Codes and Odds
When you click on any sport, say soccer, you will see the matches which are going to be played displayed like what you see at the top of this page.

Matches Code: At the left side of each matches is the date follow by the time and the Game ID (Match Code) four digit numbers sometime three. It make each match easily trace able.

Matches Odds: Under each of the team that are playing and between them are three digit decimal number. They are the match odds. They are there to give you insight into the amount of money you will win if placing a wager on any of the match possible outcome. They are not the same from one bookmaker to another. This is where we know whether bookmaker A has better odds than the bookmaker B.

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