Surebet247 and Bet9ja Handicap Betting in Simple Terms

Having heard about Handicap Betting you are wondering what is it about before you put your money on it. Here we explain in clear language how the Handicap Betting work.handicap betting

Handicap betting on Surebet247 and Bet9ja is a type of betting that give an underdog team or side an added advantage over the favourite. And it should be noted that the margin of the win is what count rather than the number of the goal scored. As it is apply on Bet9ja and Surebet247 so it is on Winner Golden Bet, Merrybet and Sportybet.

How It Work
Let say Manchester United is playing Wigan FC. Normally, in this match Man United is favourite while Wigan FC is underdog. Bookmaker like Winner Golden Bet or Merrybet or Sportybet will give Wigan FC Handicap advantage of say 0-2.

As a bettor if you place a handicap bet on Man United to win and they won by 1-0 margin, then you lose your bet because by handicap it means Man United lost by 1-2. But if you place Handicap bet on Wigan FC to win and eventually they lost by 1-0 then you win because the score margin is interpreted to mean 1-2 in favour of Wigan.

In this kind of betting, handicap only applies to the selection you are betting on and it is the margin of the win that count rather than the number of goals scored.

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