Bear River Casino Players Reward Tier Benefits

bear river casino players reward card

When you become a member of Bear River Casino Resort Players Club you will get rewarded for every games you play and service you paid for.

No matter the kind of game you play – slot, table games or at pump and play – in as much as you do so with your card (i.e. Insert it into slot machine to play, present it to pit supervisor at table game to rate you and at pump and play) you must be rewarded with points and comps with which you can use to get any of the perks and benefits below.

The Players Reward Club at Bear River does not have multiple tier levels like some other casinos. It only has one.

Note: before you are eligible to register you must be 18 years old or more.

Some of the things you can use your accrued points to do as you like are:

1. Free Play at slot machines and promo chips on table games
2. Dining at Bear River Casino Resort Restaurant, Express or at Lounge
3. Use for shopping at gift shop
4. Getting fuel at Pump and Play
5. Staying overnight at Bear River Casino Resort Hotel

Some of The Bear River Casino Players Club Other Benefits are:

1. Eligible to personalized monthly reward mailer
2. Eligible to bonus promotion entry
3. Eligible to special discount and offers
4. Eligible to birthday scratch game for prize
5. Eligible to enrollment anniversary
6. Invitation to player club member only event and promotion.

You can visit Bear River Casino Players Reward Club kiosks at any time during the week to get yourself registered. It is free and non time-consuming.

A new member enjoy free slot or promo chips worth $10.

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