Bicycle Casino Classic Players Club and Card Benefits

bicycle casino players club card

See here all the perks and benefits that come with having Bicycle Hotel and Casino Classic players club card.

For your information Bicycle Casino has just one status level, thus one type of players club card called Classic Players Card. And so, no series of benefits for different tier level as with other casinos players club.

With your Classic players card  you are expected to accrue some points with which you can spend on anything from services to paying for goods or cash out at the casino. The number of points available to a player within a specific period of time will determine the types and number of services he can get or the amount of cash out he can make or the goods he can buy.

Take for example a Classic player club member that is able to accrue 5,000 points within a month can only make $50 cash out, while another member who is able to accrue 15,000 points within the same period of time can make $50 cash out and use the remains points to pay for other service or goods. That how the Classic club card works with them.

Below are Some of the Things a Member can Spend His Points On:

1. Cash out: this can only be done in multiple of $50. Maximum of $250 cash out are allowed within a month and point don’t rollover for cash out.
2. Spa service
3. Staying in hotel room
4, Casino floor menu
5. Coffee and Bakery house
6. Gift shop
7. Phoenix cafe
8. Bike brewery

Bicycle Casino Classic Players Club Other Benefits

As a classic club member you are still eligible to
1. Exclusive reward club member rate at spa.
2. Reward member rate at hotel room
3. Exclusive text nessage and e-mail notification about promotion and offers

Note: you must be 21 years old or more to qualify for registration. It is free, fast, and voluntary.

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