Casino Malta Loyalty Club | Card, Benefits, Rules

By joining Casino Malta Loyalty Club, a player is entitle to exclusive benefits and rewards. The loyalty club is four tier level and each level is represented by the name on the card a player hold. To join Casino Malta Loyalty Club is totally free. Just fill an application form at the casino, which after review a player is accepted.

Immediately after joining, a player is automatically in Bonus Club level and he is given Bonus Club Card. It has no minimum bonus malta loyalty club card

After 3 months of constant gaming as a Bonus Club member and with an average turnover of 6000 bonus points/month a player can apply for Silver Club, which is the next Tier status. Application will be review and after 10 day approved if the applicant meet the conditions. A Silver Club Card in then issued.

Next, after Silver Club is Gold Club. A person is invited to this Tier level by the Casino Malta Loyalty Club team. To be invited, a player must have been a holder of Silver Club Card for at least six months with an average bonus point of 12,000/month. A Gold Club Card is issue to successful player.

Diamond Club: to be invited hold Gold Club Card for at least a year, with an average bonus points of 60,000/month.

Benefits:With the card, a player earn points which can be exchange for cash within 24 hours. Members also received special offers at bars and within various campaign. But to earn bonus point the card must be used to play at slot and swipe at game tables. The card is also an easy entrance permit to casino.

Some of the Casino Malta Loyalty Rule and Regulation
Client card is personal and must not be given to another person.
The bonus point exchange rate is 100 bonus points = €1. The minimum bonus point amount to be exchanged for cash is 100 points, which is €1.
You must show Your ID to use the bonus points while paying for goods and services.
Casino Malta by Olympic Casino is entitled to arrange the bonus points on the card in case of system error, any kinds of mistakes and cheating.
Casino Malta by Olympic Casino is entitled to change client card benefits.
Casino Malta by Olympic Casino staff’s family members and relatives cannot have nor use the client card and client card discounts.
If You have lost Your client card or it has been stolen, You must immediately contact Casino Malta by Olympic Casino reception by phone 23 710 555 (24hrs).
Every next client card is free of charge.
You can close Your client card by writing an appropriate application. You can write the application in Casino Malta by Olympic Casino reception.


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