Club 1 | Player Rewards Deerfoot Inn Casino | Benefits

To become a member of CLUB 1, the Player Rewards Program of Deerfoot Inn and Casino, Calgary you must be not lesser than 18 years of old and you must physically present during registration and that means no online registration.club1 player club deerfoot casino inn

Also valid Identification document must be presented at the point of registration.

Club 1 membership allow a loyal customer to enjoys goodies and perks, the types not available to the casino non member customers.

Club 1 Card and Benefits
Just immediately after becoming a member, a Club 1 Reward Card is given a patron. With the card he play slot and swipe at table games to earn points. The more game played, the more points earned and more benefits

Some of the benefits expected as a member of Club 1 Rewards includes but not limited to

1. Redeem points for for merchandise
2. Redeem point for cash
3. Get special buffet pricing
4. Book hotel room using CLUB CASH
5. Earn ballots for special promotion and contest
6. Get discounts in the Wild Horse Pub

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