Commerce Casino Club Member Tier Levels and Benefits

commerce casino player club member card

When you are a club member of Commerce Casino, Los Angeles, you are in for all the goods the casino is ready to offer it’s loyal patrons.

As one of the club members, the more you play the more tier credits you get the more the benefits that follow.

Below, we mention the three tier levels of Commerce Casino players reward club and the number of tier credits require to ascend each of the three.

Commerce Casino Players Club:

Club Members Tier Level Benefits (0 – 749)
the moment you are registered you are on this level, you don’t need to have accrued any tier credit to be there and you need just only 749 tier credits to stay there.
1. You earn comps for food and spa service
2. Invitation to members only events
3. Accrue tier points that qualify you for an enhance reward

Platinum Members Tier Level Benefits (750 – 1499)
1. You are on the level with 750 – 1499 annually accrued tier credits
2. Eligible to platinum player gift annually
3. Eligible to 15% off at the redemption center
4. Get annual welcome party
5. Eligible to discounted Hotel Offer
6. Eligible to Platinum free roll tournament
7. Eligible to special offer tailored for platinum member only
8. Accrue tier points enough yo move up to more reward.

Elite Members Tier Level  (1500+)
1. Eligible to annual welcome party
2. Eligible yo annual Elite player gift
3. Get 25.% off at redemption centre
4. Eligible to annual free hotel room if available
5. Eligible to free birthday dinner
6. Eligible to elite free roll tournament
7. Receive elite members only special offer throughout the year

Remember you must be 21 years old or more to be registered. It is not compulsory and it is free.

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