Cosmopolitan Identity Points Redemption & Expiration

cosmopolitan identity player club card

Cosmopolitan Identity is the player reward program of Cosmopolitan Hotel Casino Las Vegas. It is voted the best loyalty program on the strip some years back.

On this page you will be shown how to effect redemption of the points you earned through paying for goods, services and by playing slot at casino.

You will also find an answer to whether points earned use to expire or not.

How to Redeem Cosmopolitan Identity Earned Points?

At any office or shop at The Cosmopolitan where you may want to pay for good or service, just say ” I want to pay with Identity Points,” you will be attended to and make your transaction possible.

Your point can be redeemedĀ at nearly every venue at The Cosmopolitan and at thousand of other resorts worldwide.

CanĀ Cosmopolitan Identity Points Expire?

You earned Identity points cannot expire in as much as you don’t leave your account inactive for 12 months. In another word it can be said your identity points will expire only if you account is left in-active for 12 months

Remember you can become Cosmopolitan Identify member by registered and must be 21 years old or more.

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