Coyote Valley Player Reward Club | Tier Levels, Benefits

Membership to Coyote Club, the player rewards program of Coyote Valley casino is totally free, it only requires a customer to be 21 years old or above at the time he is registaring and must present a valid ID photograph and documents as an evident that he is of gambling age.

All members of the club are given Coyote Player Club Card with which they play slot and table games and earn points which can be redeemed for free play on slot machines and dinning at Angelina’s Grill. Members are also free to use his points for shopping on cigarette, candy and lot more.coyote valley casino player club

Coyote Club Tier Levels are four and they are Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond. A new member start to climb the ladder of the level from Emerald and it require different number of point to move from one membership level to another.

General Benefits
1. Exclusive member’s only mail
2. Give-aways which include the casino gift of the month
3. Entry into cash and prize give-aways
4. Special birthday exclusive program.

Note: plus the above general benefits, each of the tier level have benefits peculiar to them with the Diamond tier level member receiving most of the benefits.

For more information meet Coyote Club representative at the casino or contact 1-707-485-0700, fax (707)467-4764

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