Player Reward Club | Casino Arizona | Card, Benefits, Tier Levels

Player Reward Club program at Casino Arizona rewards loyal customers for playing their favorite games.

Joining the club is absolutely free. Simply present a valid ID card and must not be lesser than 21 years old. The membership registration form can be filled and submit online or register in person at the casino player reward club desk.Player rewards club casino arizona

Card and Tier Level
Just immediately after becoming a member of Player Reward Club at the Casino Arizona, a customer is issued a player reward club card. Whenever he plays any game with it, he earn points and as the points increases he is promoted from one tier level to another and thereby get more benefits.

The tier levels are five and they are Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Royal. Certain pre-determine points must be accrued to be able to move from any of the level to another. The card a player hold shows the tier level he is.

Benefits: Player Reward Club at Casino Arizona
1. Play, earn and redeem points at both Casino Arizona and Talking Stick Resort
2. Redeem point for cash, meal, purchase at gift shop, box office tickets
3. Special mailing and e-mail offer
4. Power Percs: downloadable credit and free play.
5. Promotion bonus entries
6. Advanced ticket sales on selected Casino Arizona & Talking Stick shows
7. Free shuttle service to special events
8. Complimentary valet parking
9. Table earning                       10. Bingo earning
10. Free admission on casino bus express.
11. Restaurant discount (food only) for card holder and 1 guest
12. Discount at gift shop (exclude tobacco and food)
13. Priority service at restaurants, cage and entertainment services
14. Invitation to exclusive events and tournament
15. Invitation to suites at sporting events
17. Personalise executive hot service
18. Preferred seating at concerts and entertainment events
20. Complimentary golf.

Royal and Platinum card holders get all the above reward but 20% discount at restaurant and at gift shop.

Gold card holders get 10% discount at restaurant, 15% at gift shop. Not get 17, 18, 19.

Silver get 5% discount at restaurant, 10% at gift shop. They do not get 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.

Classic card holders do not get any of the rewards entitle to by the other four card holders.

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