Player Reward Club | Little River Casino | Card, Benefits

When a player becomes Little River Casino Players Club many door of opportunity are open to him. To join the club is totally free. A player must be 21 year to join and a valid ID document must be presented.little river casino hotel player reward club

Benefits Little River Casino Player’s Club
Access to participate in promotion for cash and prizes
Earned points can be redeemed for hotel stay, restaurants, show ticket, river credit and more
Qualification for discount in the Odawa Trading Post gift shop
Complimentary hotel stays
Qualify for golf discount at participating Mainstee area golf course.

Player’s Club Card
Immediately after joining the club, a ”Lucky Player Club Card” is given a new member. With the card he earn point each time he uses it to play on slot or swipe it at table game. 5 points at slot or $50 buy in at table game by midnight of the second day of joining qualify a new player to participate in new member promotions at which a great prize can be won

If a player is able to garner 7500 player club points in a year he moves to ”GOLD CLUB” and he’s given GOLD CLUB CARD. The benefits of this tier level are:
Access to private VIP lounge
Restaurant line pass
Qualify for resort pool and exercise pass
Reserve VIP parking pass
Qualify for invitation to VIP events and more

ELITE CLUB is the next tier level after Gold Club. An Elite Club Card is given anybody that qualify for this tier level. Joining is by invitation and qualify rated play. The club member enjoy best perk, privilege and preferred service available at Little River Casino.

The more a player plays with the player club card, the more points he earned and the more benefits entitle to.

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