Player Reward Club of Penthouse Casino and Card Club

To having more fun playing your favourite casino games at Penthouse Casino and Card Club is easy and the easiest way to achieve that is by joining the casino Player Reward Club.

Player Reward Club at Penthouse Casino and Card Club is a mean by which the casino management is saying ”thank you for your loyalty and patronage” to their numerous customers. The ”thank you” are rewards which the customers who dim it fit to join the player club get.

The rewards entitle to as a member of player club at Penthouse Casino and Card Clubpenthouse casino reward club include but not limited to:

1. Cash
2. Hotel stay
3. Casino meals
4. Show tickets
5. Taxi vouchers
6. Exclusive promotion offers.

You get the reward by earned points and the earned points are base on gaming turnover. Gaming turnover is duration of play x games per hour x average bet.

Note: each point is value at €2.50
Points are valid for 90 days after which time they will expire.
Always contact management to track and check the status of your points.

Be sure to scan your members card on each visit to ensure your points are correctly accumulated

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