Power Points & Tier Credits | Club GVC | Grand Victoria Casino

club GVC grand victoria casino

It is always beneficial to be a member of casino player club you are patronizing. As rewarding as the player reward program may seem to be in any casino, Club GVC at Grand Victoria Casino is more.

Members of the Club GVC are rewarded immensely through the Power Points and Tier Credits accrued over a period of time by playing with their Club GVC card inserted into slot machine and video poker anytime they play. Not only that, you are also evaluated and get power points and tier credits when you swipe your card before you play at table games.

The question is: are the Club GVC Power Points and Tier Credit the same?

No, not at all. Despite both are designed by the club GVC coordinators to measure the amount and types of benefits a member get, each work differently.

While the Power Point can be redeemed for cashback, meal and merchandise at any of the Grand Victoria Casino rewards program participating outlets, the accrued Tier Credits cannot be redeemed but qualify you for promotion from one Tier level to another thereby making you enjoy a lot more benefits different from those of Power Points.

Remember this: you get 4 Power Points and 4 Tier Credits for every $1 played on reel slot machine but 1.5 power points and 1.5 tier credit for $1 played on video poker. You will be evaluated and rewarded according to play on table games.

Your power point is redeemed for $1 or equivalent in service for every 1000 power points.

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