Riverbank Reward Club |River Walk Casino | Tier Levels, Benefits

To receive an utmost customer services, a patron to River Walk Casino and Hotel, Vicksburg must ensure he is a member of the casino Player Reward Club known as Riverbank Reward Club.

Joining is simple and quick. A customer must be 21 years old or more and must present valid ID document at the point of registration. Just immediately after that he is given Riverbank Reward Card and with it he can use his $5 to $100 in Bonus Play.riverwalk casino player club

Riverbank Reward Card and Tier Levels
Riverbank Reward Card depict the tier level of the of the holder. The tier level are Classic, Preferred and Signature. A new member is automatically a Classic Tier Level member. With 3000 points he qualify to Preferred Tier Level and with 15,000 points he is elevated to Signature Tier Level.

Riverbank Reward Club Benefits
1. Earn free play and comps
2. Gift shop discount
3. Free entry into promotion and events
4. Direct mail offer
5. Bonus offer via phone, email and sms
6. Birthday bonus offer
7. 175 points to receive $10 Discount on Smiley or free dinner buffet
8. 300 points to get $15 off Smiley or free dinner buffet
9. 750 points earn free hotel stay
10. Invitation to special events and promotions
11. Bonus payout for selected promotions
12. Redeem free play for cash back
14. Personalized VIP host services
15. Suites upgrade (base on availability)
16. Exclusive gift offer
17. Priority events notification

Classic Tier Level members get number 1 to 9 of the above benefits.

Preferred Tier Level members get number 1 to 14 but get free play and comps 2Xs faster and 15% gift shop discount while

Signature Tier Level members get all the benefits but get free play and comps 4Xs faster, 20% discount at gift shop.

Note: all points are review every 6 months.

For more information contact: Tel: 601-634-0100, fax: 601-802-0642

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