Silver Seven Casino A-Play Player Cards and Points

A play player cards silver seven casino


A-Play Players Reward Card is four variant as you can see it in the picture above. The cards are specifically made to be used by member of the Loyalty Club at Silver Seven Casino Hotel and at other gaming properties of Affinity.Gaming Inc.

A new member of A-Play Club is given Red Card when he joins the club, he is automatically Red Tier Level member. To be on this level a member need 0 -1449 tier points.

Next Card is Silver Card and is meant to be used by Silver Tier level members. To qualify for this tier level a member must have earned minimum of 1500 points.

Gold A-Play Card is meant for the member on the third tier level and to hold this card a member must have accrued 30000 tier points.

Platinum A-Play Card. By the time a member get hold of this card, he has become a king. He enjoys all the available perks and benefits. But to get hold of the card a member must have earned a whopping 60000 tier points,

But if a player member is able to rack up 25000 points in a day he will be given Platinum card.

Nobody is allowed to obtain information about or do transaction on any card except the person whose name appear on it.

How to Earn A-Play Tier Points

Points are earned base on games played. The points earned wager the same amount of money vary in the model of game played.

$1 played on slot machine earn a member 3 points

$1 played on video poker earn the same player 1 point and

$1 (theoretical) play on table games 1 point

If a player will redeem his earned points then it is

12500 points = $5 in free play and
25000 points = $5 in cash

But if a player member is able to earn that 25000 points in a day, then he is automatically promoted to Platinum Tier level.

To earn points a member must insert his card in slot and video poker machine and must present the card to whosoever in charge on the table games.

Note that points are subject to cancellation if after 12 months the account holder left it inactive.

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