Site Builder Tools from Openbet

The site builder tools that is being mentioning here is make for the sportbook (bookmaker) operator. It is said to be one of the highly effective tools in it’s class.

Developer: Openbet

Features of the Site Builder Tools
1. Option to create sportbook micro sites using an advance CMS, opening up the possibility of dedicated pages for major sporting events, such as the football Word Cup or Olympic Games.

2. Banner Management System which is inter connected with the sportbook to automatically update events prices

3. It comes offer simplicity for content editors’ in-line editing capability as well as a simplified development suite, while allowing code contribution from the editor

4. It simplifies theme creation for different devices including desktop, tablets and smart phones.

5. It has own release cycle separating front-end releases from sportbook releases and guarantee sportbook quality assurance by separating the sportbook the business marketing layer.

6. This site builder tools is back by contextual intelligence which offers personalised content base on a users profile, allowing operators to tailor the betting experience for customers.

7. The system is SEO friendly, easily scalable and can be integrated with operator connect single sign-on solution.

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