Slipper Reward | Player Club Silver Slipper Casino | Tier Level, Benefits

Silver Slipper Casino and Hotel Player Rewards Club is a free membership program that aim to bombard loyal customers with speck and good stuff. To be member requires a patron to be 21 years old or more and present a valid identification document at the point of registration.

Card and Tier Levels
A patron is given a Slipper Reward Card immediately after signing up. He plays and accrues points and comps with it. The card signify the tier level of the holder and they are Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond.silver slipper casino player club

Tier Level and Benefits
A patron starts with Sapphire Tier Level and he enjoys
1. Redeem points for free play.
2. Direct mail offer
3. Earn comps
4. Self comp at all venue
5. $1 free lunch buffet (Monday – Friday)
6. Special birthday offer
7. Get tier multiplier incentives
8. Free beach chair and umbrella
9. 10% gift shop discount
10. No fee check cashing privilege

Emerald Tier Level members get all the Sapphire benefits plus
1. $50 Tier bonus for hot seat winner
2. $50 Tier bonus for tournament winner
3. 20% Point earning bonus
4. Tier status invitation events
5. 10% Initial achievement bonus
6. 15% Gift shop discount

Ruby Tier Level members get all the Emerald tier level benefits plus
1. 50% points earning bonus
2. 100% tier bonus for hot seat winner
3. $50 initial achievement bonus
4. $100 tier bonus for tournament winner
5. 25% gift shop discount
6. Personal casino host service

Diamond Tier Level members get all the benefits of Ruby plus
1. Point earning bonus
2. $200 tier bonus for hot seat winner
3. $200 tier bonus for tournament winner
4. $100 initial achievement bonus
5. 30% discount at gift shop
6. Personal casino host service
7. VIP hotel check-in
8. Private parking
9. Preferred early check in and late check out
10. Hotel room upgrade
11. Prefer restaurant reservation

Note: all benefits are subject to all track able play using Slipper Reward Card
Card balance can be check on slot machine by selecting free slot play
Comps and free slot play do expire
Qualifying period is six months interval: March 1 – August 31 and September 1 – February 28 or 29
For more information call 228-469-2777

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