Sun International MVG Card Tier Levels and Benefits

sun MVG cards

Sun MVG is the exclusive patrons loyalty program of Sun International – South Africa biggest casino, hotel and leisure centers operator.

Sun MVG card is 4 variants: Silver, Gold, Titanium and Diamond. The type of card a patron hold shows the tier level he is. A new member is automatically on Silver tier level and therefore hold the card. The card changed the moment a patron accrued enough tier credits to promote him to the next level.

Below are the Benefits of each of the 4 Sun International MVG Club

Silver Tier Level:
1. Group Wide recognition
2. Earn Tier credits on spend
3. Free membership
4. Eligible to redeem leisure points for drink and entertainment at any of the participating Sun International 3rd party outlets
5. Eligible to Sun Circle events offers
6. Eligible to free parking
7. Earn casino and leisure points on spend at Sun international hotel, casino and other outlet
8. Get exciting offers and promotion
9. Free Entry
10. Eligible to birthday Xtra play offer worth R100
11. Get 7.5% on Digital Entertainment on Demand.

Gold Tier Level: as a Member of this tier level, you get
1. All the benefits of Silver tier level members plus
2. 10% accommodation discount on best available rate
3. Green Fees earn MVG rate for 4-ball
4. Get Birthday extra play offer worth R200
5. Get 10% off Digital entertainment on Demand

Platinum Tier Levels: members at this levels get
1. All the benefits on Gold tier level plus
2. 20% accommodation discount on best available rate
3. Eligible to Sun Prive Magazine by mail
4. Eligible to personal hosting (by invitation)
5. Get bityjday extra play offer worth $500
6. Get 15% off on Digital Entertainment on Demand

Diamond Tier Level
1. Eligible to all benefits on Platinum tier level
2. 30% accommodation discount on best available rate
3. Get personal hosting
4. Receive birthday Xtra play offer worth R1000
5. Get Digital entertainment on Demand

Remember the more you spend the more your tier credits, the faster you ascend tier levels and the more benefits you get.

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