Sun MVG Club and Card | How to Earn Points and Tier Credits

sun MVG cards

See here the number of tier credits or points require to ascend each level of Sun International MVG club and learn how to earn points with your MVG card.

The moment you registered as Sun International MVG member you are qualify for the benefits that follow.

The Sun MVG club card is four variant:
Silver: 0 – 99 tier credits
Gold: 100 – 999 Tier Credits
Titanium: 1000 – 9999 tier credits and
Diamond: 10000 tier credits

The moment you are registered you are automatically on Silver tier level. You only qualify to ascend to the next level if you are able to accrue require tier credit as stated about within a year.

How to Earn Sun MVG Tier Credits or Points

To earn tier credits is simple. Each time you play games (slot or table) stay in any Sun International hotel accommodation, dining or entertainment you earn tier credits.

What you have to do is to present you MVG card whenever you are doing any of the above at any of the Sun International participating outlet and you will be tier credited accordingly.

You failure to present your card, you get no tier credit.

Every theoretical R100 you spend playing on slot machine or at table games gives you 1 tier credit and

Every R100 spend on dining, hotel accommodation and entertainment fetch you 5 tier credits.

What does this mean? It mean the more you play, dine, stay in hotel accommodation or participate in one entertainment or other at any of Sun International properties the more your accrue tier credits, the faster you ascend the next tier level and the more the benefits you are eligible to.

To qualify for registration you have to be 18 years old or older. You must have you photograph taken, present your South Africa ID or an International passport.


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