Total Reward | Caesars Windsor Ontario, Canada

Total Reward program of Caesars Entertainment is the same at all the participating casinos and resorts of the company. The same in the sense that it (casinos and resorts) have the same card levels, it gives same benefits to the members and members can earn tiers credit and redeem it at any of the more than 40 Caesars Entertainment properties that partake in the program including Caesar Windsor, Ontario reward caesars windsor

What set apart Total Reward program at Caesars Windsor from the others are:
1. The redeeming rate: an American Total Reward member who comes to Canada and wish to redeem his accrued Tier Credit in the Canada, will get the reward as per the exchange rate of $CAD to $AME. Thus the reward may be more or less.

2. Official Gambling age that Caesar Entertainment allow in United States is 21 years old or more irrespective of gender, while the official gambling age the Canadian government allow is 19 years old or more. To prevent a TR member who is 19+ of 21- from Canada from redeeming rewards in US, the total reward card of such members age bracket from Caesars Windsor comes with red bar on it.

This serve as a deterrent for them from gambling or redeeming reward in US or any other countries outside Canada.

They can redeem direct mail from Caesars Windsor but not at any other properties outside Canada. But on attaining age 21 the card is change for them.

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