Fallsview Casino Buffet Coupon, Prices, Menu and Hours

fallsview casino buffet

Breakfast Buffet, seafood buffet and Chinese Buffet in Niagara Falls are not far fetch, they are available at Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls.

At Grand Buffet Faillsview Casino, there are five main stations that serve all sort of cuisine: Asian-Chinese, Italian, Canadian, Middle -Eastern and Seafood.

On this page are all you may want to know about the resort casino buffet hours, coupon, buffet menu and the buffet prices. You will also know the dress code required at the buffet and the age limit which will let you know whether you can take along your kids or not.

Fallsview Casino Buffet Hours

Monday – Thursday
Breakfast: 8am – 11am and Lunch/Dinner: 11am – 10pm
Friday and Saturday
Breakfast; 8am – 11am and Lunch/Dinner: 11am – 11pm
Sunday: Brunch; 8am – 2pm and Dinner: 2pm – 11pm

Note: Brunch is served only on Sunday.

Grand Buffet Menu Items

The buffet menu itel at Grand Buffet, Niagara Falls include but not limited to dessert (ice cream, tiramisu, brulee, pudding, patries) pasta, mac and cheese, beetle, crawfish, salad, fishcake, crab, omelettes, croissants, waffle, roast beef, cabbage rolls, beef steak, hash brown, crab,

Fallsview Casino Resort Buffet Prices

Breakfast start at $16.00
Brunch start at $25.00
Lunch and Dinner start at $25.00
If you show your Player Advantage Card (PAC) you get $5 off.

Dress Code: Neat, Smart, Casual

Grand Buffet is located on the casino floor.

Age Limit: you must be 19 years old or more to be admitted. For the above reasons and this, kids are not allowed at the buffet.

Fallsview Casino Buffet Coupon:

If you are member of the Player Advantage Club you may have the coupon send to your mail whenever it is available. If you are not visit here other call 1 (888) 325-5788 for details.