Hollywood Casino Aurora | Epic Buffet Hours, Menu, Price

epic casino buffet

If you are planning to take your children to casino buffet, Epic buffet is not an ideal place for you to take them to.

Below on this page is the minimum age permitted to enter the epic buffet. Apart from this, you are also shown the epic buffet hours, the buffet price and the epic buffet phone number, the dress code and some of the Epic buffet menu option.

Epic Buffet Hours

Brunch | Sunday; 9.30am – 3pm
Lunch | Wednesday – Saturday: 11.30 – 3pm
Dinner | Wednesday and Thursday : 4pm – 8pm
Friday and Saturday: 4pm – 10pm
Sunday : 4pm – 8pm

As at this time, breakfast buffet is not available at Epic Buffet.

Epic Buffet Menu Option

Some of the epic buffet menu option are:
Jalapeno Corn Bread, Chicago BBQ, Midwest Potato Salad, Texas Baked Bean, Nathan Coney Island Hot Dog and Memphis Pulled Pork and lot more.

Epic Buffet Price

What is your budget? With as low as $20.00 you will get brunch,, for $14.00, you get lunch and for $17,99 – $30.00 you get dinner.

Epic Buffet Dress Code:

Neat Smart Casual

Minor are not allowed in the Epic buffet because it is located on the casino floor, age 21 and above are allowed.

For more information visit here or call Epic Buffet phone number at 630-801-1234