Jumers Casino Hotel Players Buffet Price, Hours, Coupon, Menu

jumer casino buffet

See the Jumers Casino Hotel Buffet menu, buffet hours, buffet coupon, phone numbers and buffet price range here. If you are going to the Jumers Casino Hotel Player Buffet for the first time, you will know the dress code and the minimum age allowed in the buffet room on this page.

For your information, minors are not allowed in the casino hotel player buffet because it is located on the gaming floor. See the minimum age that is allowed entranced below.

Jumers Casino Buffet Hours

Breakfast Buffet: Monday – Saturday | 7am – 10am

Brunch Buffet: Sunday | 10am – 3pm

Lunch Buffet: Monday, Friday, Saturday | 11am – 2.30pm

Jumers Casino Buffet Menu

The buffet menu at Jumer casino includes but not limited to:

Chicken (chicken marsala, fried chicken, chicken gravy); rotisserie, sausage, pancake french toast, fried shrimp, leek, vodka shrimp, pesto pasta, smoked ham, roasted pork, jambalaya, rice, mushroom, green bean, sweet potato, mashed potato, bacon, corned beef hash, carved meat.

Jumers Casino Hotel Buffet Price

Breakfast Buffet is from $9.99

Brunch Buffet isĀ  from $19.99

Lunch Bufet is from $8.99

Great Midwest is from $14.99

Dress Code: Neat, Smart, Casual

Age Allowed: 21 years old or older

Phone Numbers: You want to know about Jumers Casino buffet coupon or more information about any of the above visit here or call (800)-777-7747 or (309)-756-4600