Rio’s Carnival World Buffet Coupon, Menu and Prices

rio carnival world buffet

See on this page the Rio All Suite Hotel Casino’s Carnival Buffet menu, coupon, hours and prices. Rio offers all you can eat crab legs buffet, seafood buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Carnival Buffet Hours.

Monday –  Friday: 4pm – 9pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 9pm

Dinner Special

Monday – Thursday: 4pm – 9pm

Friday: 4pm – 9pm

Saturday and Sunday: 3pm – 9pm

Carnival Buffet Prices

Weekdays: regular price $31.99 | local Dinner $27.50

Friday: regular price $34.99 | Local Dinner: $30.50

Saturday and Sunday: $34.99 | Local Dinner:$30.50

Champagne Brunch: $26.99

Rio Carnival Buffet Menu include but not limited to pizza, omelette, carved meat, pips c, parties, roast beef, prim rib, dessert, baked potatoes, shrimps, mimosa, sushi, cheese, macaroni and bacon.

There is vegan options, Asian, Italian Chinese option and Mexican option.

Coupon Carnival World Buffet

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