Casino Del Sol, Tucson: A Place for Games and Entertianment at Highest Level

Casino Del Sol is that place in Tucson where you can play casino game and have the best experience, the kind of entertainment and enjoyment there is second to none. As one of the customer said at Casino Del Sol you will have value for your money. The casino is an ideal place for the resident of Tucson, Arizona to play game, relax and have fun, not only them but many of the visitors to the city have find the place to be identify with for casino game. As popular as the casino is players from the nearby towns and suburbs -Cataline Foothill, AZ; Flowing Well, AZ; Casa Adobes, AZ; Drexei Height, AZ; Sierra Vista, AZ; Nogales, AZ and many cities- troops to Tucson to play any of their favorite games, they have varieties of games to offer any players whether new or professional.

Facilities at Casino Del Sol:                                                                                             casino del sol main game room  Over 1300 high tech slot and video poker machine of various denomination *Scores of game table for both season and new players *Expansive clean and high roof well ventilated casino main hall * Expansive poker room *Wheel chair accessible *LCD television on all the wall and around the casino are *hotel accommodation *swimming pool *bars and *Restaurants.

On Offer at the Casino Del Sol:                                                                                     casino del sol poker room Complimentary food for live play *free training for new players *Free parking for car owner players *Free to join players Club *There are always promotion and tournaments every weeks of the year.

Address and Location:                                                                                                                      5655 W Valencia Rd, Tucson, Arizona 85757. Tel: +1855-765-7829. Other important and popular places of attraction around the casino are Tucson International Airport, Sewilo Gulf Club, Mission San Xavier del Bac and Golden Gate mountain.