Casino Ontario | The First, The Biggest, and The Best

Here are the collection of the Largest, Biggest, the first and the best casino in Ontario. There are many casinos (about 25) in Ontario, we are going to mention few of them that fall under the above mention categories.

The First Casino
1. Caesars Windsorcaesars windsor
Riverside Dr. E Windsor ON
N9A 7H7 Canada

The casino remain the first legally to be built casino in Ontario, having been built in May 1994.

The Best
All the casinos in Ontario Claimed to be best in their own class.

The Biggest or Largest
This is determine by the available sq ft of the gaming floor of each casino. Four casinos are mentioned, any others fall bellow the least on this page. From least to the biggest.

1. Casino Niagara
95,000 sq ft gaming space; 1500+ Slot Machines and 40 Table Games

2. Caesar Windsor
100,000 sq ft of gaming space; 2500+ Slot Machines and 80 Gaming Tables

3. Casino Ramacasino rama
192,000 sq ft of gaming floor; 2300 Slot Machine and 110 Gaming Tables

4. Fallsview Casino, Niagara
200,000 sq ft gaming floor; 3000 Slot Machines and 130 Table Games.

All the above mentioned casinos except Casino Rama are located in Southern part of Ontario. And is the only India First Nation Casino in the group.

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