Casinos in Atlantic City: Biggest, Largest and Smoke Free

The page shows the biggest, the largest and the smoke free casinos among the ten casinos located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The accession is base on the dimension of the gaming floor of each casino and the number of gaming machines available for the casino patrons to use at a given time. Only the first three biggest are mentioned here.borgata casino, harrahs atlatic city

The Biggest/Largest Casino Atlantic City
1. Trump Taj Mahal – 167,000 sq. ft gaming floor and 2677 gaming machines (slot and video poker) and 130 table games.

2. Borgata Casino Hotel – 161,000 sq. ft of gaming floor, 3475 machines (slot and video poker) and 250 table games.

3. Harrah’s Atlantic City – 155,000 gaming floor, 3800 gaming machines (slot and video poker) and 179 table games.

Smoke Free Casinos, Atlantic City
It is a pity non of the casinos in Atlantic City is smoke free. Revel started out as smoke free casino but just before it ceased operating they allowed smoking. Sometime ago, Harrah’s Atlantic City announced it’s plans to go smoke free but nothing was held about it thereafter.

Nevertheless, all of them have separate smoking rooms or non smoking gaming rooms aside the main gaming hall and they tried to comply with the state 25% smoke free rule.

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