Gambling Companies in South Africa

South Africa is one of many countries in the world where gambling is a legal business. And since 1994 when gambling is legalized in the countries many in companies has evolved to operate in the sector of the country economy. These companies combine together make the gaming sector of South Africa economy billions Rand sector.south-africa flag 3 gambling

These companies are in categories. Some gambling companies are into casino business, while some are running bingo halls. Many other companies in the South Africa gaming sector provide gaming solution, platform and software, while others are into the manufacturing and supply of gaming equipment and machinery.

Larger percentage of the companies in the gaming sector in South Africa are into sport betting business – both online and offline. What are these companies? For the purpose of space and seo we shall not mention all the companies here. They are too numerous for a single page.

There are about thirty six registered casino in the whole of South Africa. To see the list of companies that control these casinos see here.

Gauteng is the only province that licenses commercial bingo in South Africa, other approve it for fundraising purpose. To see the list of the companies that operate bingo hall click here.

Some companies do not operate gaming facilities but provide gaming solution and software. To see the list of such companies go here.

Gaming equipment and machines are believed to not manufacture in South Africa but there are companies that assemble them and supply the gaming facilities operators. See them here

There are scores of sport betting sites and bookmaker in the country. What are the companies behind these site and business. See them here.

National lottery is said to be control by two companies. What are the companies. See here.

see South Africa Route -Limited Payout Machines- Operators

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