Casino Gaming, Gambling In South Africa: Fact and Figure

Gambling is South Africa is one of the biggest in the whole of Africa, if south african gamesnot the biggest. South Africa boost of the largest number of casinos and horse racing games. There are also game of chance in form of lottery and sport betting. Casino Industry in the country is worth billions of dollar. Below are some facts about the casino gaming and gambling in South Africa. Note  that as big as the gambling industry is in South Africa, online gambling is not allow in all the nine provinces of the country and that is, South African are not allowed to gamble online on both on local and foreign sites.

Casino and Gambling Authorities
There are three Gambling Authorities at national level in South Africa and they are (1) National Gambling Board (2) National Horse Racing Authority and (3) National Lottery Board.
At provinces level there are nine Gambling Authorities, they take order and report to the gambling authority at national level and they are (1)Gauteng Gambling Board (2) Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board (3) Free State Gambling and Racing Board (4) Kwazulu Natal Gambling and Racing Board (5) Limpopo Gambling Board (6) Mpumalanga Gambling Board (7) North west Gambling Board (8) Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board and (9) Northern Cape Gambling Board.

Number of Casino in South Africa
In the whole of South Africa there are thirty-seven(36) casinos spreading throughout it nine(9) provinces, Gauteng share the largest spoils of seven(7) casinos, follow by Kwazulu Natal and Western Cape with five(5) casinos each. Free State four(4), Eastern Cape four(4), North West four(4), Northern Cape and Limpopo have the least number and they each have two(2) casinos.  The list of South Africa casinos and contact numbers here.

Casino Operators and Associations
As many as the South Africa casino are -thirty six in total- they are all own and operate by four private companies,  and they are (1) Tsogo Sun International which own and operates 14 casinos (2) Sun International own 13 casinos (3) Peermont Global, 13 casinos (4) London Club International operates just only 1 casino

There are also some other gaming and gambling bodies in South Africa, and one of them is Casino Association of South Africa (CASA) and Bingo Association of South Africa (BASA) . There is also Zonke which provides monitoring solution to the gaming industry and National  Lottery Board of South Africa.