Casino Owners

On this page you are going to know some of the owners and the operators of many of thoseĀ  popular casinos in your locality. Some of the basic information about them, such as ages, their net worth, how they got into casino and hotel business and of course other casinos they own and run, would be mentioned.

Some of the casino owners’ and operators’ names you are going to know more about are those that wine and dine on casino they don’t do any other thing than casino and gambling businesses. These people make their million or let say their billion dollar wealth from no other business.

Another set of people in the category of casino owners are those that have many other kind of businesses that they runs, they just dabble into casino and gambling business to add to the various streams of income, they dabble into this field of business along the way. So, in other sense these people just have part of their accumulated million dollar wealth made from casino and gaming businesses.

Many among these people are doing no other business but are having fewer numbers -1 or 2 – of casinos and gambling properties while some are into other form of business but yet their casino and gambling business or properties are many. Some are women, while majority of the names are men and they are from all races.dave allen, derek steven

Among many of the name you are going to come across on this site are: Alex Meruelo, Sheldon Adelson, Steven Wynn, Anthony Toti, Marian Illitch, Chaim ‘Poju’ Zabludowicz, Stevens J Derek, Frank Fertitta, Garry V Goett, Jeffrey P Jacobs, Michael Gaughan, Stanley Ho, Lawrence Ho, Anthony Totti, Pansy Ho, Neil Bluhm, Tilman Fertitta, Allen Dave, Lui Che Woo, Tan Sri Kok Thay, James Parker and Phil Ruffin.

The names above are going to be added to as more of these people are written about on this sites, you can click on any of the name to learn more about it.

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