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angela leong

No 8: Net Worth – $3.6 billion

This is a story of rag to riches by virtue of marriage. Angela Leong is a Chinese business woman and one of the few people that make their billion dollar wealth doing casino business in Macau – China gambling hub

Angela Leong Profile

Name: Angela Leong
Date of Birth: 1960
Nationality; Guangdong, China
Profession: Business woman, Member Legislative Council, Macau
Marital Status: Married
Net Worth: US$3.6

Angela Leong is one of the wife of Stanley Ho, a well known Macau businessman and the founder of SJM (Sociedade de Jogos de Macau) Holding Company, a company founded in 1962.

After her marriage to Mr Ho, Angela Leong has worked at different positions in the company before she eventually become the MD, the post she hold until now.

Today she is largest shareholder of the company that hold one of the six licensea to operate casino in Macau.. Through her intelligence and hard work, SJM is able to grow it casino and hotel properties to more than 50 in Macau and abroad.

SJM control more than than half of Macau casino and employ more than 22,000 workers.

SJM Holding is said to have a market capitalization of $7.6 billion and more than half of that belong to Mrs Angela Leong which translate to her net worth of $4.1 billion. With this she is number 8 billionaire casino owner and 22nd richest in Hong Kong and number 606 in the world.

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