Armin Karu | Estonia Biggest Casino Owner

Names: Armin Karu
Date of Birth: 31st July 1965
Nationality: Estonia
Resident: Talinn, Estonia
Occupation: Businessman / CEO Olympic Entertainment Group
Education: International Management Diploma, Haaga Helia University, Finland; Master of Business Administration, University of Haaga.
Net Worth: Eu161 million

Mr. Armin Karu is the biggest casino operator and gaming facilities in Estonia. He is one of the biggest operators of casinos and gaming facilities in Baltic countries and the biggest operator in his native country, Estonia; he owns casino in Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania.

armin Karu He ventured into casino and gaming business in 1999 when he founded Olympic Entertainment Group. Today he own 45% of the total share of the company.

He is also the owner of the online gambling site These entire assets make him the fourth richest man in Estonia.

In Estonia, Mr. Armin Karu’s Olympic Entertainment Group has 20 casinos and gaming facilities with the largest concentration in Talinn. Before it was 18 casinos, the latest two was acquired from Casino Cleopatra.

In Lithuania through his company OEG, he has 12 casinos scattered through the city of Penerezys, Siauliai, Klaipeda, Kaunas, Vilnius.

Other countries in which he has casinos are Latvia, Slovakia, Poland and Belarus. In Italy his investment in casino is a joint venture and all his casinos are under the brand name Olympic Casino except in Italy.


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