Chen Lip Leong | Nagaworld Casino | Net Worth

chen lip keong

No 7: Net Worth $3.7 billion

Mr. Chen Lip Keong is the founder and CEO of Nagacorp Incorporation the operator oF Nagaworld Casino Resort in Phnom Pehn, the capital city of Cambodia.

By now at age 70, Chen Lip Keong would be thinking ”had I Known I would have settle in Cambodia earlier” because everything he touches in the country turn gold.

His Nagaworld is the largest casino in Indochina and the only Cambodia business to be listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Mr. Chen Lip Keong is a Malaysia Citizen. He graduates as a medical Doctor in 1973 from University of Malaya. He won the licence with which he operates casino in Cambodia in 1994.

And as at the time this article was been put together Nagacorp have market cap of $4 billion. His other companies – Karambunal Corp Blvd, FACB and Petalling Tin worth RM347 million, RM126 million and RM130 million respectively.

He is the controlling shareholder of these companies and that put his worth at $3.7 billion and thus he is the 7th richest billionaire casino owner, 7th richest Malaysian and he stand on number 703 among the world billionaire.

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