Mariam Illitch | Motorcity Casino | Net Worth

mariam illitch motorcity casino

No 4: Net Worth – $5.4 Billion

At age of 85 years Martian Illitch, the owner of Motocity Casino and Hotel, Detroit, Chicago is the oldestĀ  woman among the billionare casino owner.

According ro Forbes list of world billionaire 2018, Mariam Illitch was said to worth $5.4billion. With this she is 4th billionare casino owner, number 2 among the top 5 richest women in gaming business in the world, number 372 among the world billionaire and she was on number 116 among the USA richest.

She bought her Motocity Casino in Detroit, Michigan that qualify her to be included on this list in 2005. She is the sole owner of the casino, having bought over the 53.5% held by Mandalay Resort with the sum of $525million, paid for 11.5% stake held by Atwater Entertainment and 10% held by one Tom Celani. Prior to her taken over of the casino she was said to hold the property 25% stake.

She was reported to buy the casino because of her commitment to the city of Detroit economy recovery.

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