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tan sri kok thay

No 3: Net Worth – $5.8 Billion

Names: Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay
Date of Birth: Born 1951
Nationality: Malaysian
Education: BSC. Civil Engineering University of London, Advance Management Program, Harvard Business School.
Occupation: Chairman/CEO Genting Berhad, Kalaysia
Net Worth: US$5.8 billion Forbes 2018 rating.

Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, as a billionaire is said to worth US$5.8 billion dollar by the Forbes 2018 world billionare list. With this, he is the richest Malaysian casinos, hotel and leisure magnate and the 3rd richest Malaysians. He is the Chairman and CEO of Genting Group, that famous and respected Malaysian conglomerates.

Lim Kok Thay company, Genting Malaysia Berhad, owns and operates many casinos, hotels and leisure centers in Malaysia, Singapore, United State of America, China and in Philippines. He has interest in other businesses around the world but here, we are concern with his gaming and leisure businesses.

Genting flagship casino resort – Resort World- is in five countries of the world, they are all manage by the Genting subsidiary of the host countries.

Resort World Sentosa, Singapore, own and operated by Genting Singapore. Genting Singapore was incorporated in 1984 and it was publicly listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Resort World, Manila, own and operated by Genting Philippine. It is said to be the first integrated casino resort in Philippine.

Resort World Bimini, Bahama. Manage by Genting in agreement with RAV Bahama.

Resort World New York, Operated by Genting USA

Resort World, Langkawi Malaysia
Resort World Genting, founded in1965. It remain the only casino in Malaysia.
Resort World, Kijat, Malaysia.

All the Resort World in Malaysia are operated by Genting Berhad.

Resort World Birmingham, London is operated by Genting UK. Aside Resort World Birmingham, Genting UK also own and operates 42 club house casinos in London and another one in Cairo and that is Crockfold Casino which is said to be one of the oldest club house casino around having been founded in 1828 by William Crockfold. This means that Genting is the biggest casino operator in UK.

With net worth of $5.8 billion he is the 3rd richest billionaire casino owner, only Lui Che Woo and Sheldon Adelson are richer than him in this category.

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