Tilman J. Fertitta | Landry Incorporation | Billionaire Casino Owner

Born: 25 June 1957
Residence: Houston, Texas United State of America
Education:  Texas Tech University and University of Houston (Study Business Administration and Hospitality Management)
Occupation: Chairman and CEO of Landry Incorporation, the owner of Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino
Net Worth: US$2.5billion by Forbes ranking 2014

Having successfully establishes himself as the biggest and richest restaurateur in the State and world, Tilman J. Fertitta ventured into the gambling and casino business in 2005 when he acquired GoldenTilman fertitta of landry incorporation Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas through his company, Landry Incorporation, for the whopping sum of US$140million. Though a successful restaurateur, not many people gave him a chance in the hotel and casino business forgotten that this man through is company, Landry Incorporation is already a professional in the most  challenging -dinning and entertainment- part of the service of the hotel and casino business.

Some ten years after he acquired Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas he has gone on to build new, expanded the existing and acquire five more casino and hotel properties.

So, as a casino owner and operator Mr. Tilman Fertitta, through his Landry Incorporation owns and operates these following casino hotel properties:
1. 2005- he acquired Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas and with that acquisition he was automatically granted ownership of
2. Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino Laughin Nevada having assumed the US$155 million debt for the former owner Poster Financial Group
3. 2011- he opened Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino Atlantic City
4. 2012- Landry’s acquired Isle Casino and Hotel, Biloxi which was later named Golden Nugget Biloxi
5. Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino Lake Charles. This project is ground breaking and it is expected to be opened for operation comes 2014

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