Chip Chopping | Timed Tournament

Chip Chopping or Timed tournaments as often called by some people, are tournaments which could be played when main poker tournaments are not been played – it is an additional tournament.

In the chip chopping tournament players play for a pre-determine time. At the expiry of the set time, the remaining players in the game will receive money back and this depends on the number of chips each is hold.

The chip in the game has monetary value and so the game is been play for stakes.chip chopping

The following apply in the chip chopping or timed tournament:

Dealer is part of participants in the game

A person in the game other than the participants is entitled to receive a benefit from the playing of the game.

Entrance and participation fees are applicable in the tournament

The payment or benefit from playing the game will not be related to the game itself

The player must not be made to buy a drink or a meal before, during and after the tournament and

Rake is not allow to be charge at the venue.


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